Oh, hello there.

You need a little bit more info about the Win Burgers for a Year contest, eh?

Here you go!

(1) lucky winner will receive (1) burger a week for 52 weeks to be enjoyed at Gillerson’s Grubbery.

Burger cannot exceed a value of $13. If burger value exceeds, winner will have to pay the difference.

This is dine-in only and no carryout will be available.

No carry-over into the following week if winner is unable to come into Gillerson’s and redeem their burger for the week. Prize is also non-transferable.

For more information, contest details, and FAQ, please see below.



Q: How will the winner be notified?

A: We will be notifying the winner via email.


Q: How will the winner be able to redeem their weekly prize?

A: The winner will come into Gillerson’s, any day of the week (Tuesday-Sunday), and order a burger of their choice (up to $13 in value) to be enjoyed in the bar, main dining room, or on our patio (weather permitting).


Q: Can the winner enjoy their burger in their pajamas in the comfort of their own home?

A: Yes and no – you can have pajamas on, but you will have to consume the burger on premise at Gillerson’s Grubbery.


Q: What if the winner can’t come in that week? Will you allow it to carry over into the following week so they can order 2                      burgers?

A: If the burger has not been redeemed for the week, it will not carry-over into the following week(s).


Q: If the winner can’t come in during the week to redeem their prize, can someone on his or her behalf come in and redeem it?

A: Prize winner must be present and at the time. Prize is non-transferable.